Brand introduction

With a legacy spanning approximately 15 years showcased at Seoul Fashion Week, Kumann YOO HYE JIN epitomizes high-end, avant-garde women's wear characterized by architectural and structural design elements. The brand has been acknowledged for being a source of inspiration in the trends of Retro Futurism and Brutalist Architecture design concepts.

At the heart of Kumann YOO HYE JIN lies a futuristic structuralism, rooted in Hyejin Yoo's original modélisme. Each piece embodies meticulous craftsmanship, showcasing constructive structures and silhouette designs infused with synesthetic concepts, reflecting the fluidity of space and time. Positioned for forward-thinking women navigating a rapidly changing world, the brand caters to those seeking distinctive details and styles of their own.

Central to the brand's ethos is the concept of 'Re-tailored Tailoring', a commitment to continual evolution through advanced designs, novel styles, and production techniques, embracing the ongoing era of technological advancement.

업체명: 쿠만오은환(KUMANN OH EUN HWAN) | 서울 강남구 삼성로 735, 1층 | 대표: 유혜진 | 

사업자번호: 211-07-01651 | 통신판매신고 : 2018-서울강남-02201호 | 정보책임자: 공희애 | 

호스팅제공자 : (주)아임웹 | 

고객센터: 02-3444-1017 (운영시간: 09:00~18:00, 점심: 12:30~01:30) | 

FAX: 02-3443-0108 | 이메일: kumann_yhj@kumann.com
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